What Network Prefix: A Complete List of Mobile Network Prefixes in the Philippines

What Network Prefix is a tool that allows you to easily determine what network a certain mobile number belongs, we have an automated search console that users can easily navigate and enter the desired mobile number prefix to determine its mobile network provider.

What Network Prefix

There are multiple telecom providers in the Philippines such as Smart, DITO, Globe, SUN, TNT, TM and many more. The said telecom companies have different sets of mobile number prefix that allows users to easily get confused when determining what network a certain mobile number prefix belongs.

What is a mobile number prefix?

A mobile number prefix is the structured first 4 to 5 digit number on a Sim Card issued by a telecom provider in the Philippines. Most mobile number prefixes vary differently depending on what telecom provider a user is using. For Example of your mobile number prefix starts from 0945 then your telecom provider is GLOBE and if your mobile number prefix starts from 0919 then you are using SMART Telecom then more and more numbers etc.

Why is it important to know what telecom provider a mobile number prefix belongs?

In the Philippines most of the mobile users owns a prepaid Sim Card. The prepaid sim card provides a lot of flexibility on the users and what load they want to purchase. Prepaid Sim Cards also allows the users to easily choose what load promo best suits their needs and budget for a day, week or month. Allowing the users to determine what telecom provider a certain mobile number prefix belongs gives them an advantage and allows them to easily decide what load promo they should purchase that will best suit their daily needs and budget.

Complete Mobile Number Prefixes List

Mobile PrefixesMobile Networks
09173Globe Postpaid
09178Globe Postpaid
09256Globe Postpaid
09175Globe Postpaid
09253Globe Postpaid
09257Globe Postpaid
09176Globe Postpaid
09255Globe Postpaid
09258Globe Postpaid
0922Sun Cellular
0931Sun Cellular
0940Sun Cellular
0973Sun Cellular
0923Sun Cellular
0932Sun Cellular
0941Sun Cellular
0974Sun Cellular
0924Sun Cellular
0933Sun Cellular
0942Sun Cellular
0925Sun Cellular
0934Sun Cellular
0943Sun Cellular
0907Talk ‘N Text
0912Talk ‘N Text
0946Talk ‘N Text
0909Talk ‘N Text
0930Talk ‘N Text
0948Talk ‘N Text
0910Talk ‘N Text
0938Talk ‘N Text
0950Talk ‘N Text
0908Smart Communications
0920Smart Communications
0929Smart Communications
0947Smart Communications
0961Smart Communications
0918Smart Communications
0921Smart Communications
0939Smart Communications
0949Smart Communications
0998Smart Communications
0919Smart Communications
0928Smart Communications
0946Smart Communications
0951Smart Communications
0999Smart Communications
0895Dito Telecommunity
0896Dito Telecommunity
0897Dito Telecommunity
0898Dito Telecommunity
0991Dito Telecommunity
0992Dito Telecommunity
0993Dito Telecommunity
0994Dito Telecommunity

How to use our platform?

Step #1

Enter the first 4 digits of the mobile number prefix in the search bar located above.

Step #2

After entering the 4 digits mobile number prefix our system will release a search indicating the mobile network provider of the said mobile number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need to know about number prefixes?

Some people need to know the mobile network provider of a number so that they can determine if they are allowed to send SMS or Call that certain mobile number without getting extra charges from their telecom provider.

How accurate is your mobile prefix finder tool?

Our system is 100% accurate on determining the telecom provider behind a certain prefix. Our databases are regularly updated to provide high quality information.

Does you’re what network tool covers all the telecom providers in the Philippines?

Yes, our database covers all the top telecom providers in the Philippines.

Are there new mobile number prefix added every year?

Yes, most telecom companies add more and more mobile number prefix every year as more and more people are gain access to mobile devices across the country. The more the mobile devices purchased the more sim cards needed to be issued that requires a lot of different mobile number prefixes.

Is your mobile number prefix tool free?

Yes, our network prefix detector is 100% free and will cost 0 for all the interested users around the country.

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